👋 Hi, my name is Sundeep Bhudia and I’m an Architectural Assistant Apprentice at Jacobs. The Architecture Apprenticeship is something I wanted to share with more people! I remember beingRead More
Architecture Students
Coming fresh out of university often feels like the beginning of a new chapter and the new possibilities job-hunting can bring you. Of course, this isn’t the only route toRead More
Adding textures in Photoshop doesn’t need to be a long, complicated process. In fact, it’s a simple case of image manipulation. In this tutorial we’ll be learning how to: →Read More
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Is your computer running slower than usual or want to start an easy maintenance routine? then look no further 😉 As architecture students, the work we produce requires a largeRead More
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How I Use Notion

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I am obsessed with Notion and all its applications. I first started using Notion in March 2020 –Read More
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Welcome to my final bit of unsolicited advice! We’ve finally reached the end of this little bunch of information, so I hope some of it has been useful. This lastRead More
Ben's Building Blocks
We’ve all faced tough situations and problems in our lives and the past year or so has been incredibly difficult yet looking back, the solitude and clarity may have beenRead More
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Hello again all. Today we are progressing further beyond the basic technical skills that often seem to be avoided while we are studying and into the realms of more legislativeRead More
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No this isn’t an ancient secret, there are no acronyms, no kind of formula or set of steps to follow to get more done. This article isn’t about me tellingRead More
Welcome back to my little column of unsolicited studying advice. Today is Act 3 and we are looking at two more topics, this time a little more outside the basicRead More
Ben's Building Blocks
Hey guys, it’s me again. I’m back to offer my utterly unsolicited advice about some key areas in which our architecture education often seems to be found lacking. I introducedRead More
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Drawing and Tech

Hi everyone! My name is Ben, I am a (very) recently registered architect. I can finally call myself an architect after years of study. And yet, after all that time,Read More
Ben's Building Blocks
It’s no secret that we’re the generation who are supposed to be knowledgeable and in-sync with the quirks and requirements of social media. But as aspiring architects how can weRead More
Architecture Students
Disclaimer: I didn’t LOVE my Part 1 Year Out… and that’s okay… I left university having been sold the idea that my year out would be this fabulous year ofRead More
Architecture Students
Recently, I’ve been trying to listen to more podcasts and expanding my knowledge about architecture, productivity and anything interesting. You’ll find that since the pandemic began, there has been anRead More
Architecture Students
Moodboards are a great way to collect resources and images that can inspire your design projects. There’s many types of moodboards; physical printed images, digital collections or through apps likeRead More
Architecture Students, Portfolio
I know so many of you have been waiting for a 3D sun path diagram since our first tutorial on a regular, simple sun path – which by the wayRead More
Adobe Illustrator, Architecture Students, Tutorials
I’ve been working with students at an international university for the last few months where English is not the students first language. I’m teaching English for Architecture communication, and I’veRead More
Architecture Students
This time last year I was constantly thinking about ways I could improve my portfolio to increase my chances of employment. Updating my portfolio was on my mind constantly. InRead More
Architecture Students, Portfolio
So, you have finally made it through the first five years of your journey to become an Architect in the UK. You are a Part II graduate, who is eitherRead More
Architecture Students
How does a Laser Cutter Work?Preparing Your FileSetting Up Your WorkTips Hand-made models are great but at some point, precision becomes very important. There are some people who are veryRead More
Architecture Students, Model Making
Hi everyone! I am currently in my 2nd year of Architecture studying at the Liverpool School of Art and Design – LJMU. Before coming to University, I attended Sale GrammarRead More
Architecture Students, Guest Posts, Productivity
Over recent years, sustainability has been a recurring subject in studio, practice, education, and research. People want to take part in creating a more sustainable world to live in, butRead More
Architecture Students, Guest Posts, Model Making
A solid workflow is important when you have deadlines to meet and projects to finish. First let’s make sure we know what workflow is. Workflow as described in the dictionaryRead More
Architecture Students, Productivity
Leaving the somewhat safety of being an architecture undergrad can be a daunting experience for anyone, especially if you haven’t worked in a practice before. But we all start somewhereRead More
Architecture Students, Guest Posts
My Thoughts as a Tutor The coronavirus is having a huge impact on the way in which universities operate across the country. Having negotiated the difficult task of makeshift reorganisationRead More
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What are the benefits of sketching? As digital tools and software become increasingly popular with time, sketching is losing its relevance. However, it has its own benefits and advantages whichRead More
Architecture Students, Portfolio
We’re sure you’ve heard of the standard questions that every interviewer will supposedly ask you. In fact, I was given a list of such questions in order to prepare forRead More
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🔊 Play First of all, well done to everyone who managed to complete their studies online this year. It was an interesting experience, wouldn’t you say?  Due to the pandemic, citiesRead More
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It’s a no-brainer that LinkedIn is the platform for professionals including architects. LinkedIn is wonderful for more than just making connections. It has a great job board that links toRead More
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