The Ultimate Skills Studio

by Sana Tabassum

Create a stronger skill-set and redesign your approach to the next stage in your architectural journey.

Do you feel like university isn’t giving you the practical, tangible and life-long skills you need to enter the professional world? Lack of student support, actionable advice and productive encouragement? – yeah we’ve been there.

In :scale studio you will learn from hand-crafted lessons, fundamental pillars, studio fellows and an exclusive community of like-minded thinkers.



the only skills course you need this summer

The :scale studio is a 2-week live online course where we will teach you how to develop your skills and implement habits that will prepare you for the upcoming journey in your architectural career with the core benefit of working alongside like-minded peers, mentors and a being part of an exclusive community.

This is based on my personal experience and self-development over the past 2 years since graduating from university and building efficient systems, habits and churning out valuable content to help students architect their skills.

The Summer 2021 cohort will be a pilot running from July 26th – August 8th 2021. Each day will have a core skill that will be developed through a combination of self-paced online content, live group support sessions, evening workshops and additional assignments.


:scale studio scholarship

We’ve partnered with ArchiEnglish and RIBA Future Architects to bring you 2 special scholarship spaces for :scale students. If you didn’t manage to secure your place or were unable to purchase the course, this scholarship could be perfect for you. 

Two recipients will be chosen on the 19th of July and contacted directly via email.

what's inside

Under each of the 4 fundamental pillars, we’ve designed a skills-based journey for 2nd and 3rd year students to progressively unlock and develop their skills whilst implementing core habits, routines and a positive mindset.

DAY 01


meet your unit mentors, peers and exclusive community

DAY 02

Fundamentals of Skills

learn about why skills are the pillars to success

DAY 03

Building a Second Brain

create your digital workspace

DAY 04

Unlocking Self Confidence

step out of your shell

DAY 05

Articulating Your Value

understanding your worth and skills

DAY 06

Climbing Mount CV

creating an effective CV that highlights your strengths

DAY 07

Learning About Practice

the ins and outs of the architectural workplace

DAY 08

Visualising Your Narrative

designing your career

DAY 09

Exploring Options

how architecture can be a stepping stone

DAY 10

Social Media

build your online presence

DAY 11

Designing Your Portfolio

creating a cohesive and effective application

DAY 12

Software Proficiency

exploring the possibilities of software

DAY 13

Interview Strategy

nailing the first impression

DAY 14

Vision Review

understanding how your skills sit within your goals


sounds good, but what will I get out of this?

Through a series of creative tasks and games you will be introduced to the course curriculum, your peers and mentors.
This is your opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and become a part of an exclusive archi-community!
To start the journey you will outline and set up your goals that you want to achieve in the next 2-4 weeks.
Together with the community you will learn how to value your skills and why this is important supported by understanding the foundation of learning as well as the difference between time and energy management.
You and your peers will be introduced and taught about various tools that when used appropriately can accelerate your academic, professional or personal life.
You will learn how to get out of your comfort zone through a series of lessons on self-confidence, presentation and networking skills.
The learning will be aided by one of our guest experts and an opportunity to put in practice the skills you developed from the start of the course.
Guided by one of our studio fellows, the studio cohort will learn how to prepare and excel at expressing your values focusing on the job searching process.
After identifying skills you will learn about different ways how to put together a creative CV that will stand out and reflect your personality the best.
On this day you and your archi-peers will discover everything that you need to know about your Part 1 job.
From the transition stage and how you can prepare for it to breaking down each part of your first architectural job.
This day will be a continuation of day 6, where you can explore and develop what you have already learned.
Studio fellows will be able to help with any questions that might have appeared.
Having an architecture degree doesn’t mean that you need to become an architect. On this day various career paths will be introduced to the studio cohort.
The talks will cover how you can build the skills you already have and challenge the myth that you need to change your skill set in order to find a different job.
On this day you will explore various strategies that can be used to tailor your portfolio to different practices that you might want to apply to.
We will dive into the rules of laying out the page and some graphic design tips that can be used not only in your portfolio, but in project books and any other documents that you will set up in the future.
On this day you will learn how you can use various social media platforms to your advantage.
You will not only receive information about strategies, but also you will prepare your own content for the coming weeks and months with the help of one of the guest experts.
We know software plays a big role in the portfolio of skills that employers expect from us so we’ve gathered a bunch of useful and actionable resources for you to work through.
After this day you will be prepared to cope with stress before and during the job interview. The main aspect will be to explain various actions that you can take up in order to ace your interview. 
After that you will be able to put those strategies to a test at a mock interview.

The last day of the studio, we want to reflect back on what you’ve learnt so far and the kinds of habits you want to continue to progress.

A vision review is going to give you better clarity on how you can take these skills with you throughout your career.


if you've ever thought the following...

then it's time to level up.

the bottom line

Skills are life-long and only compound over time. We’re helping you build the foundations for your future career.

The studio includes access to the course curriculum, exclusive attendance at core learning events, guest workshops, a library of notes and supportive studio mentors to help you on your transformative journey.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer any discounts or scholarships but you can follow our social media for a free giveaway spot!




sold out

Make an investment into your future with this one-time expense, limited time offer.

please make sure you read the FAQs at the bottom of this page.


meet your studio leader

Sana Tabassum

Sana is a content creator and Part 1 Architectural Assistant based in London. Since graduating from the University of Greenwich, she founded :scale (to-scale), an architecture blog and platform for students and young designers.

The ethos of the platform is to create an inclusive and collaborative archi-community that champions a balance between wellbeing and productivity.

Since beginning her content creating journey, Sana has led a team to self-publish an architecture magazine, over 85 blog posts and recently curated the world’s first architecture convention for a community of over 6000 students, architects and designers.

This year, Sana set up :scale studio to help students prepare for the upcoming academic year by developing and growing their skills amongst like-minded peers and mentors. 

Frame 52

:scale studio is the systematic process to learn skills that university fails to teach. No hacks, no vague advice, just core lessons and hard work. Perfect for students who are keen about self-development.

meet your studio mentors

Our mentors are students and graduates who are passionate about teaching skills and growing the archi-community. They know firsthand some of the pressure points and shortcomings of architectural education and are here to guide you through the studio.

Greta Samulionyté

BArch in architectural engineering from Aalborg University, Denmark. Wrote a bachelor thesis in Urban design and more specifically hybrid buildings at the airport. In her free time, she likes to play basketball.

Natalia Wojtasik

BArch Architecture graduated from Nottingham Trent University and former President of Nottingham Trent Architecture Society. Interested in architectural philosophy and history. In her free time, she likes to work on her art and read books.

Kri Shefali

Third year Student at the University of Sydney, Kri is interested in designing for the built environment with a focus on sustainability, urban ecology, and urban planning.

Fadeke Tejuoso

Undergraduate architecture student at Arts University Bournemouth, who is always energetic, and eager to learn. Her interests include horse riding, working to improve education in Nigerian communities, and reading about prison design.


let our studio fellows guide you

ATLAS framework

Sreoshy’s workshops will introduce participants to ATLAS:  A 5-step roadmap for telling a powerful story throughout your job application process, that will set you apart from your competition. As students in the field of architecture, and urban design, you know you can bring clear value to your dream employer, but often struggle to communicate that throughout the application process. Her workshops will have a keen emphasis on a process of articulating clear values, tailoring that to a potential employer, and laying out a narrative to amplify your job application and strengthen your portfolio and CV. 

Sreoshy Banerjea


James Tait


Stephen Drew


Tara Cull


Chukwuebuka Stephen Idafum


Joann Lui


Joanna Saade


Elizabeth Diakantonis




who is this course for?

This course is designed for 2nd or 3rd year architecture students. We do teach a variety of soft skills however our core assignments will be based around building a CV and portfolio and developing the expertise in organisation and habit creation necessary to make the most of your experience as a 3rd year student or graduate working in practice.

who is this course not for?

This course is not for you if you’re not in a position to commit to the 2-week schedule. Although we try not to overload students with information, the assignments and tasks require an aptitude for learning as well as being an active member of the cohort. This isn’t the space to be shy!

I want to learn software

In which case, I suggest you practice a brief or project in your own time. Although we touch on software, it’s merely for exposure to the capabilities and techniques. We’re looking to develop life-long skills that will help you with your personal development.

what if I fall behind?

We know that not everyone will be able to keep up and that’s okay. Our course has built-in catchup sessions as well as constant access to studio mentors. If you fall behind or can’t make the sessions, you can always recap them via your studio hub – which you’ll have lifelong access to.

how much time do I need to dedicate?

Although there are no strict timings for the course, we would recommend you attend the Core Learning Events, Workshops and Studio Mastermind sessions in order to gain the full experience and live help.

We imagine this should be around 4-5 hours a day, our general studio hours are from 11am to 8pm.

when will the events be held and are they public?

Our Core Learning Events and Workshops will generally be held at 6pm or 7pm British Summer Time. Events are exclusive to :scale studio students. We ask that you make sure this is a suitable time for you to attend live however we will provide recordings at the end of the course.

I haven't gotten the value I expected

We want the investment in this course to be an absolute no-brainer for you. So, if you watch the video lessons, complete the homework assignments, and still don’t find the course useful, drop us an email and we’ll happily refund your full payment within 60 days of the start of the course.

However, please note that the money-back guarantee only applies if you actually attend and engage in the events and complete the assignments. And because we’re capping our capacity at 16 students, by signing up and not doing the work, you’re basically taking a space away from someone else who would’ve done it and gotten 100x more value from it 🙂