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:scale [to-scale]

noun, informal

  1. Architecture – designing and drawing spaces at a scaled measurement to ensure correct proportions
  2. An online design platform that is spectacular

Our Mission 🚀

The space at :scale is designed to expand and adjust depending on the needs of the designers in this community. We aim to provide tutorials and guides as well as a community forum to share skills amongst each other. 

We want to give back to the architectural student community and provide a collaborative space for designers to experiment, share and grow their skills. As well as providing tutorials, we are aiming to include guest posts from people in the industry and introduce seasonal briefs for people to participate in.

Our team 👩🏻

:scale was created by two students from the University of Greenwich. They found that the lack of relevant tutorials as well as minimal software help led them to teach themselves and experiment with their design styles. This platform was created to help those who have no experience in architectural design online and offline. We also invite other students, graduates, architects and people within the industry to provide advice and help via our posts.

Sana is a Part 1 architectural assistant. A typography fanatic, she loves all things fashion, graphic design and architectural visualisations. With a cool, calm and collected mind; she also has her own start-up business.

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