Welcome 😀

Hey, I’m Sana. I created :scale for fellow architecture students who might be interested in productivity, techniques or lifestyle content related to architecture.

What Can You Find Here?

  1. 📐We have a range of guides and tutorials for diagrams and pages in your portfolio. In fact, our 🌞Sun Path Diagram and 🌍How to Create Maps tutorials are the most popular pages on our website.
  2. 📕Our first magazine issue, ‘Community’ is finally here. You can now read the digital publication! 
  3. 😄 We release new, productivity and lifestyle content every Monday. Whether it’s How to Deal with Tutors or our Favourite TED Talks, we’re constantly taking community suggestions (and contributions!)
  4. 📚 We’re working on our own little library of all kinds of Resources for designers from cutouts to YouTube tutorials.

Other Stuff

👩🏻 You can also get to know more About Us and the Projects we’ve worked on.

Get in Touch 👋🏼

  1. Instagram is the best place to get in touch with us directly so if you think we can give you a bit of advice, come say hello!
  2. 📝 Want to write for us? :scale is a collaborative platform, so we’re always welcome to those wanting to work on their writing skills.
  3. We’re also looking to work with similar content creators in architecture so drop us an 📨 email or message us on Instagram.