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This page is all about sharing with you guys the fantastic work some of my friends are doing with their YouTube channels, podcasts & blogs.

In February 2021, founder of :scale, Sana organised MADCon, the world's first architecture convention held online through the MAD Collective. A group of over 35 diverse content creators took part to hold virtual events for the archi-community.

πŸŸ₯ Our favourite YouTube Channels
πŸŽ™ Our favourite Podcasts
πŸ€— Some of our new friends
creator 7

Mia Tsujimura

Architectural Interior Designer

creator 6

Future Architects Front

Campaign to end the exploitation of Future Architects

creator 42

Alvin Zhu

Aspiring film-maker and Master's of Architecture Student

creator 9


Architectural Motivation through tips, support and advice

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RIBA Future Architects

Zean McFarlane

Rethinking the Future

Visualizing Architecture

Alex Hogrefe

My First Archi Job

Sarah Lebner

Aimie Cheetham

Architectural Apprentice

Full Circle Podcast


Diya Seepaul


Jeff Echols

Practice of Architecture

Evelyn Lee

Future Architects Front

Authors of the RIBA Open Letter

Mia Tsujimura

Architectural Interior Designer

Discussed It

Herbie Hudson & Hayden Day


Ana Corina de la Fuente

Evolving Architect

Mike LaValley

Learn Upstairs

Oliver Uszkurat

Archity App

Architecture Events

The Architectural Experiment

Nylda Hamchaoui

Architecture Agora

Bareera Borhan



The Archi Tech Guy

Studio Nobody

Ramses Terrero

Architect Accelerate

Gulce Onganer

Space to Build

Kathryn Hart


Second Studio Pod

David and Marina

Arts + Creatives Freelancers

Hungry Designers

Ces and Jon

Joann Lui

Women Architecture Collective

1:100 Architecture Podcast


Elif, Sude and Linda


Tara Cull


Joseph Echavarria

What Architecture School Does Not Teach You

InΓ©s Hemmings

Sara Kolata

Architecture Social

Stephen Drew




Dissect Architecture

Blessed Arch

All of Archi Talks


Faisal UK

MAD Collective


Gabriel Chek


Alvin Zhu

POoR Collective

Land Space Arch


30 X 40

Eric Reinholdt

Involved Mag

AF Young Trustees

The Architecture Student Blog

Business of Architecture UK

Rion Willard

Narrative Practice

Dhruv Gulabchande

Two Worlds Design

Hamza Shaikh

Thomas Rowntree

Sketch Like an Architect

David Drazil

Arch Vizz

Successful Archi Student

Kyle Sinko


Architecture Chat

My First Archi Job

Sarah Lebner

Show it Better

Steven Rubio