We interrupt our regular schedule for this.

Hello all, the world is going through a fairly confusing period right now and everything may be a little overwhelming.  It almost seems like a very bad dream, no one anticipated this and naturally the first response for many was to panic. We are writing this to let you know that you are not alone, almost everyone is unsure of what is going to happen next and how our governments will react. The most we can do as individuals is to keep calm and carry on.

These are unprecedented situations that are approaching and decisions are being changed instantly. It can be difficult to keep up but institutions are doing their best to work through this. Many of the universities have stopped face-to-face tutorials and organised some way of digital communication and have switched the submission format to online submissions.

On the surface some may take this as a positive note, but there are many students who subconsciously are very stressed out, this may not be the ideal situation for them and although you are trying to keep positive; it can be difficult. And that’s OK. It is completely fine to feel uneasy, stressed, upset, there’s no reason to suppress these emotions and feel that you’re over reacting because you’re not the only one.

However, we hope that you will be able to overcome these emotions and find the bright side to it all, we are still alive and kicking and the world has not stopped spinning. We will not go into too much detail as this can become very long, but please follow the links to appropriate professional sites for the correct advice.

Lets go through a few ways to stay safe and to keep positive

Stay safe:

  1. It is not the end of the world. By no means down play this virus but don’t give in to the ‘apocalyptic fear’ that may be induced from too much media consumption.
  2. WASH YOUR HANDS PROPERLY (we know you have heard it before, but we’re obliged to say it)
  3. Unfortunately bad news for extroverts, you have been told to ‘self-isolate’ or practice ‘social distancing’

Self-isolating, is necessary when you show symptoms of COVID19. In such cases you are not to leave your home for at least 7 days. It is so so important that you don’t go out all guns blazing thinking that you are going against the establishment. This is not the time for that. Now you have an excuse to stay indoors. Take it. Even though you might not experience severe symptoms you can carry it, and you can spread it. Be mindful. Now is not the time for partying and gatherings.

Social distancing, everyone in the UK has been advised to practise this (we are aware many countries have even ordered lockdown that is also different) anyway. This means that you should avoid social gatherings and going outside for no reason. This means that you can go out for walks, regular shops but just be cautious. Do not organise to meet up and go with your friends. Its best to do it alone.

It might be a little too late to say ‘Don’t panic buy’ because people are obviously not listening. This is causing such unnecessary chaos. Be mindful shoppers and attempt to spread that word anyway. Support your local cafes and restaurants! Don’t organise a meet up there but order a takeaway or delivery. This situation is hitting everybody and we can all play our part to help each other.

How to get through this period of social distancing and self isolation?

Well, for the introverted architecture students who work at home, this is life as usual. For those who enjoy the studio environment and being surrounded by peers and friends, it’s a little bit unusual but worry not. Thanks to technology you are never really alone.

Make the most of video calling technology, using Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc. Don’t forget to join our Discord chat!

  • Students. Do not take this as a holiday. Don’t stop working. Because this will pass on eventually. And when you have t venture back into work, you don’t want to be kicking yourself for doing nothing except binging on Netflix shows
  • Set up your work space! This is your chance to make a mini office and studio in your home and no one can complain about the mess! Share your work space with us on Instagram
  • There is no one way to deal with stress and anxiety, everyone has different methods. You can see our post here and please see the links below for the right support

And with that we hope you find the joy to living through this ‘textbook historical period’ through memes and whatever else you have. We can get through this!

– Positive vibes from the :scale team