🔊 Play A tutorial or crit is essential for a cycle of feedback and improvement. While you’re in architecture school, you’ll soon realise that a big part of sharing yourRead More
Architecture Students, Guest Posts
🔊 Play A good Sun Path diagram is present in almost any architectural project. Being an architecture student, you don’t need an extremely detailed or highly accurate diagram full ofRead More
Adobe Illustrator, Architecture Students, Tutorials
🔊 Play An architectural portfolio should feel put together and professional with a theme, but for architecture students in particular, it can be hard maintaining a certain theme in aboutRead More
Architecture Students, Portfolio, Tutorials
🔊 Play Architecture blogs are a great resource. Whether its to learn something new, see what’s happening in the community or just keep up with architecture news, blogs are aRead More
Architecture Students, Miscellanious
🔊 Play This is a walkthrough of a 3rd year BArch portfolio. Read more about Sana on our About page. The front cover of any portfolio should be clear, simpleRead More
Architecture Students, Portfolio
🔊 Play Disclaimer: This is a guest post written by Bianca Brinner, a freelance interior designer. She speaks about her journey in this industry and dealing with mental health andRead More
Guest Posts
🔊 Play A site analysis is needed to understand the environment around your building. The site is quite important in regard to the physical constraints of the project and canRead More
Adobe Illustrator, Architecture Students, Tutorials
🔊 Play We’ve all struggled with creating maps at some point in time. This article will show you the exact tools, skills and process of creating simple vector maps inRead More
Adobe Illustrator, Tutorials
🔊 Play Adobe Photoshop may very well be one of the most well-known software out there and it’s not just for architects. Photographers, artists, designers all use Adobe Photoshop inRead More
Getting Started
🔊 Play This guide is aimed at those starting out with Adobe InDesign. It covers 5 key aspects in detail for absolute beginners. For architecture students, it can be aRead More
Getting Started
🔊 Play Adobe Illustrator can be daunting for beginners. The variety of tools and panels – as amazing as they are – need some time getting used to. But whereRead More
Adobe Illustrator, Architecture Students, Getting Started
🔊 Play If you don’t have prior experience to public speaking or presenting your work in school or college, it can be really tough to be thrust into an environmentRead More
Architecture Students
🔊 Play Gaining inspiration for your design projects, or any kind of project for that matter, can be frustrating at times. If you have no clue where to start andRead More
Architecture Students
🔊 Play Keeping a sketchbook is one of many traits of an architect or architecture student, or any design student as a matter of fact. Your sketchbook is the goRead More
Architecture Students
🔊 Play Starting university can be a big step for anyone and especially if you’re going to be studying architecture, it will seem like there’s hundreds of things you needRead More
Architecture Students
🔊 Play If you know you want to head down the route of applying for and studying architecture at university but have no clue where to start or what itRead More
Architecture Students

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