We’re sure you’ve heard of the standard questions that every interviewer will supposedly ask you. In fact, I was given a list of such questions in order to prepare forRead More
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🔊 Play First of all, well done to everyone who managed to complete their studies online this year. It was an interesting experience, wouldn’t you say?  Due to the pandemic, citiesRead More
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It’s a no-brainer that LinkedIn is the platform for professionals including architects. LinkedIn is wonderful for more than just making connections. It has a great job board that links toRead More
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Rejection is not uncommon in all stages of life. But as an architecture student, it can be quite difficult to deal with at times. If you’re putting in a lotRead More
Architecture Students
Concept model for the Sir John Soane’s Institute of thePicturesque (3rd year’s project).Materials: White thin card paper, PVAAll details cut by laser cut. There have been a lot of discussionsRead More
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It’s no secret that architecture students have a serious work ethic which involves a lot of long hours, late nights, and a constant cycle of submissions. This is where productivityRead More
Architecture Students
Architectural representation is a visual method that architects use heavily to put forward their ideas and designs. It can range from something as simple as a paper model to aRead More
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Sustainable Thinking within Design Methodology Sustainability is the marker of our generation.  It cannot be categorised as a soulless slog towards carbon neutrality.  It cannot be reduced into our materialRead More
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Learning a new software is never easy or quick. In fact, I’m still learning how to use Adobe programs even though I consider myself quite familiar with the array ofRead More
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Reading books has become more of a ritual for turning in assignments, or serving as a source of reference while working on our design projects. As students of architecture, weRead More
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🔊 Play Just like Pinterest, Instagram is a great resource for inspiration and is actually much more useful because you get to see exactly where the image is from. OverRead More
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🔊 Play There are plenty of stereotypes about the life of an architect or the hours we spend working away in the studio. But there is no real rule thatRead More
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What is an architectural collage? An architectural collage is a no-render method of creating an image that conveys your ideas. The best thing about collages is that they are oftenRead More
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🔊 Play This is a guest post by Issy Spence. Things have changed over the past few weeks and it is likely your final presentations and crits will now takeRead More
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🔊 Play Types of Architectural Images We’ve all seen realistic renders and imaginative illustrations, but do you really know how it all comes together? Most people really underestimate the processRead More
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🔊 Play Skills You Learn in Architecture School Once graduating, you will soon realise how valuable having a range of skills is. It doesn’t have to be specifically software orRead More
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Can you imagine a place where you live and breathe – Instagram? Samiur Rahman from Greenwich University has proposed just that for his MArch design project – GramLiving. We discussRead More
Paula Pokol is one of the many ambitious students from The University of Greenwich. She received a commendation for her BA 3rd year project by the RIBA Presidents Medals andRead More
First things first, we know you’re struggling with the current circumstances whilst in lockdown or quarantine. With universities being shut and finding yourself in this grey area of uncertainty, youRead More
Architecture Students
🔊 Play Types of Portfolios Depending on the year you are studying in, you will see different kinds of portfolios and you may not be able to judge for yourselfRead More
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🔊 Play When explaining architecture to a person who knows nothing about it, usually the words ‘designing’ ‘buildings’ or ‘drawings’ come about. But not many people talk about the technologicalRead More
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🔊 Play Today we sit down with a 2nd year Landscape Architecture student, Mohammed Salmaan who is studying at The University of Greenwich. For those who might not have anRead More
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🔊 Play What is a Case Study? You might be at the stage in your design where you have come up with a first iteration of your building and there’sRead More
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🔊 Play If you haven’t heard of a TED talk yet, what are you doing? A TED talk is basically a seminar or video created from a presentation at oneRead More
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🔊 Play Architects are often stereotyped for their love of black clothing, the long hours or even the obsession with modelling materials. But no one actually talks about the toolsRead More
Architecture Students
If you are currently in the midst of planning or preparing for your dissertation, I am sure you have already read many “how to” articles online, or maybe even checkedRead More
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🔊 Play Staying motivated can be difficult for anyone, whether its designers, artists or architects. Instead of giving up half-way, we suggest some tips and methods on staying motivated toRead More
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🔊 Play An architectural essay can be a bit tricky to navigate and these tips would also apply to other degrees and courses other than architecture and each course hasRead More
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🔊 Play Adding people to your architectural drawings at any stage can be a great way to communicate how the spaces in your building will interact with the occupants. TheyRead More
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🔊 Play A design tutor is your mentor during your time in university and they will vary through the years of your architectural career. Your tutors are your guides andRead More
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