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Recently, I’ve been trying to listen to more podcasts and expanding my knowledge about architecture, productivity and anything interesting. You’ll find that since the pandemic began, there has been an influx in online content – especially in the architectural space. Podcasts can be great to listen to while you do your university work and want to steer away from binge watching movies or tv shows. They’re obviously an audio format so that can work well if you’re cooking or exercising and allow you to learn something new.

To start off with, I’d recommend you start off with a couple of explorations. Suggestions can be great but not everyone’s taste is the same so don’t feel like you have to listen to a particular podcast because someone recommended it. Similarly, not every podcast will be relevant to your interests, In fact, I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes of The Ground Up Show by Matt D’Avella – not all of them pique my interest and that’s okay!

My Current Podcast List [2020]

Not Overthinking

Not Overthinking by Ali & Taimur Abdaal

An interesting podcast hosted by two brothers on social concepts, their personal lives and book discussions. I follow Ali’s YouTube channel where he creates content on productivity.

Business of Architecture UK Podcast | Libsyn Directory

The Business of Architecture by Rion Willard

Although I’m not a fully qualified architect and don’t necessarily have the aspiration to start my own architectural firm, the conversations Rion has with his guests are simply incredible! You’ll learn a lot in these podcasts and I can definitely say I’ve gone back more than one to listen to an episode.

Two Worlds Design Podcast

Two Worlds Design Podcast by Hamza Shaikh

Hamza is probably the most relatable podcast host for architecture students. The guest list is also very interesting as he speaks to notable figures on topics you wouldn’t necessarily think of. The best thing about these are that they are also available on his YouTube channel in video format.

The Student Podcast – Podcast – Podtail

The Student Podcast by Thomas Rowntree

I’d definitely recommend The Student Podcast to aspiring architecture students and first years who may feel a little lost and unsure of how to navigate their time at university.

The Midnight Charette Design and Architecture Show | Listen via Stitcher  for Podcasts

The Midnight Charette by David Lee and Marina Bouh

The Midnight Charette podcast is an interesting one especially being based in the UK, it’s been interesting to listen to the similarities and differences of how architecture works in America. David and Marina have on all sorts of guests which makes for a diverse range of topics. It’s also been fabulous to hear them reflect on their own journeys making the experience quite personal.

The Archiologist Campaign - YouTube

The Archiologist by Maria Flores

This podcast explores all kinds of topics and emerging ideas in the field of architecture. I can guarantee there will be something that appeals to you!

Architecture Social (podcast) - Stephen Drew | Listen Notes

The Architecture Social by Stephen Drew

This amazing community has conquered the podcast realm with a range of talks and advice episodes so if you’re a recent graduate, these will be episodes that you keep going back to.

1:100 Architecture Podcast (@1to100podcast) | Twitter

1:100 Architecture Podcast

This is a down-to-earth podcast hosted by a collective of funny, knowledgable women. After attending Oxford Brookes, the founded this podcast which has a host of relatable topics for any architecture student.

Suggestions from you!

I love hearing about suggestions from all of you too, architecture or not! Check out these recommended podcasts if you’re keen on broadening your library.

  1. The Green Urbanist
  2. Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend
  3. The M Word
  4. 2 Dope Queens
  5. Best Friends with Nicole Byer
  6. 99% Invisible
  7. Still Processing
  8. Crime Junkie
  9. No Country for Young Women
  10. Philosophize This

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